never stop fighting

goonies never say die, mr frodo

Grace, 21, Illustration Major @ PNCA.

pretty much the only thing that defines me right now is that i draw so here's hoping that makes me at least a little interesting

this blog will have silly things like teen wolf and star trek and LOTR, but mostly i reblog awesome art and hipster photos and things that i think are funny

and yeah that's about it

boops ur nose

Tell yourself, “There is nothing I cannot handle.” Put it on a loop. Play it loud; play it often. Don’t be defeated by fear or uncertainty. Kick your problems in the face.

A mix for people who get shit done.

01. Stand Up — The Prodigy
02. Bad Reputation — Joan Jett Cover
03. Shoot To Thrill — AC/DC
04. Chelsea Dagger — The Fratellis
05. Tell ‘Em — Sleigh Bells
06. Freak Ya Loneliness — Bumblebeez
07. Because I’m Awesome — The Dollyrots
08. Dia — Jumbo
09. Let It Rock — Kevin Rudolf
10. Welcome Home — Coheed and Cambria
11. Kings and Queens — 30 Seconds to Mars
12. Don’t Bring Me Down — Electric Light Orchestra
13. Black Sheep — Gin Wigmore
14. Gunpowder And Lead — Miranda Lambert
15. C’mon C’mon — The Von Bondies

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